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New Patient Special!

$149 New Patient Comprehensive Exam, All Necessary X-Rays, and $100** Towards Diagnosed Treatment

**$100 towards treatment is valid for new patients only. No cash value and must be used within the first 30 days of establishing.

No dental insurance?

Ask us about our Wellness Program!

No dental insurance?

Ask us about our Wellness Program!

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Personalized attention:

Are you embarrassed about your smile? Do you have dental anxiety or extreme fear? Are you in dental pain and unclear of your next steps or have concerns of your insurance coverage? We spend time listening to you. We get to know your whole health before we recommend a treatment plan.

Office atmosphere:

 Our office was designed with our patients in mind. From the soothing decor to our comforts and friendly team, you will leave feeling refreshed!

Confidence in our work:

Our team has been hand-selected for their superior skills, commitment to continuing education, and passion for healthcare. You can rest easy knowing we have a dentist who is fully dedicated to sleep therapy, and that we also value sedation training and education to make you as comfortable as possible.

State-of-the-art technology:

We truly offer the best and most effective technologies for our patients’ treatments.

It’s about more than just your teeth!

We help our patients achieve whole-health happiness.

Why are we passionate about what we do?

Karla Bloomquist D.D.S. - Soundbridge Dental Arts

Our goal as a dental team is to exceed the expectations of our patients. We strive to achieve this standard through yearly continuing education, current technology and equipment, and a friendly confident staff.”

– Dr. Bloomquist

The common denominator we see in sleep apnea patients is their desire to not be so tired – to function better on a daily basis and to improve their overall health. I enjoy educating and treating patients as we take a journey to a better quality of sleep and a better life.”

– Dr. Iregui


Deep sleep cleanses the brain
“The waste removal system of the brain, the glymphatic system, is at its most efficient during deep sleep, a recent international study shows. The study also substantiated prior understanding of how sleep disorders may be predictive of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.” Below is the link to the study!
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The cost of personal dental home care:
-1 soft-bristled manual toothbrush: $5***
-1 tube of toothpaste: $5
-1 spool of unwaxed floss: $4
= $14 every three months, plus or minus.
***Although, SoniCare is our brush of choice 👍

Then apply to regimen:
-Brushing in the morning: 2 minutes of time
-Brushing in the evening: 2 minutes of time
-Flossing in the evening: 2 minutes of time
= 6 minutes out of our 1,440 minutes in our day.

Now let's add it up annually: $56 per year (+/-) and 2,190 minutes of dental care time. It's tough to justify not having enough time in the day to brush/floss. No one said adulting was easy... But a simple, consistent home care routine CAN make it a tad-bit easier AND cheaper in the dental office!

#wisdomfortheday #yourewelcome 💕
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Knock, knock. Hey Purell -- You're doing it wrong! 😅🤭

In case you didn't hear: The FDA got onto Purell about the claims of their hand sanitizer protecting against such diseases like Ebola, Coronavirus and the flu. A little inaccurate.

Hand sanitizer IS still great for the germs causing those common colds we all know. The end. However, the gold standard of keeping those hands clean is to wash with an antibacterial soap for about 20 seconds. Lather them up, then wash with warm water. 🚰💕

We see tons of germs in our office. Protect us, by protecting yourself! 😘
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Hopefully, you're just in love and are not experiencing a root canal issue... Happy Valentine's Day! 😂💝 ... See MoreSee Less

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