“Are electric toothbrushes any good or is it just marketing?”  “Is there one brush that is better than others?”  I get asked these questions all of the time and they are legitimate concerns-how is one to really know?  I can tell you year after year, the patients I see with the healthiest teeth and gums do use electric toothbrushes.  The brand that I feel consistently gets the best results is the Sonicare.

The Sonicare gets your teeth clean without scrubbing off your “hide.”  Several Sonicare models are available at many price points.  The most important thing to look for when  you are purchasing a Sonicare or any other electric toothbrush is that you are buying the latest models.  You can tell the difference in the Sonicare brand by the head of the brush, the newer models have heads that pop on and off.  In the older models, the brush heads screw on and off and appear to have a collar.  Not all electric toothbrushes are created equal.  If you have any questions about what model you have or should purchase, please give our office a call.  For your convenience, we do carry the Sonicare at SoundBridge Center for Dental Arts.

Our next blog will discuss proper brushing technique with and without the use of an electric toothbrush.