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Temperature Sensitivity

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As a hygienist, one of the most common complaints I hear from patients on a daily basis is that they experience either widespread or localized cold sensitivity. It may be transient in nature or happen regularly. There are a number of common factors in cold sensitivity and it’s generally a pretty easy complaint to address. […]

Dental implant on jawbone

Caring for your dental implant

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Today many teeth with poor prognosis are extracted and replaced with dental implants. It has become the treatment of choice for replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth or even serve as attachment for an entire arch when used in combination with a prosthesis (denture). While an asset to dentistry, no dental replacement matches your […]

digital-radiograph radiation-exposure dental-xray

Should I Be Worried About Radiation Exposure From Dental X-Rays?

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This is a question we run across frequently in our field. Just the word “radiation” is enough to send most people in the opposite direction. I mean, don’t we all want to remain healthy and cancer-free? What most people don’t realize is they’re exposed to radiation on a daily basis, just going about their business […]

Homecare aids now available for purchase

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As the head hygienist at Soundbridge, I answer a lot of questions about which products I recommend the most and I’m happy to announce that we will now be offering some of my favorite products available for purchase. Full size floss handles, end tuft brushes, picksters, and tongue scrapers are all available for a nominal charge here […]

Cartoon moon sleeping

Is Sleep Taking Your Breath Away

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If you missed our latest article in the “Healthy Living” segment of the Gateway, you can read the information below.  As always, we are happy to answer any questions.   IS YOUR SLEEP TAKING YOUR BREATH AWAY? Do you experience one or more of the following symptoms while sleeping or when waking:  Snoring, restlessness, lack of dreaming, waking […]