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Tumor in throat

The Latest Technology in Oropharyngeal Cancer Screening!

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Within the last 30 years, oral and oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancer has increased by 700%.  Why is this the case? According to the National Cancer Institute, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence is responsible for 70% of orophayngeal cancer cases.  While many are aware of the cancer risks associated with smoking and excessive alcohol use, the […]

Matching the shade of your tooth

The Basics of Tooth Whitening

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The Basics of Tooth Whitening As a hygienist at SoundBridge, I get asked about whitening teeth probably more than any other topic. How does it work? Is it safe? What causes the discoloration in the first place? The list goes on and on… First, a little anatomy lesson. Teeth are made up of an inner […]

Leukoplakia in mouth

Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia

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In recent months Dr. Bloomquist has referred a handful of patients for biopsy of lesions consistent with the clinical presentation of proliferative verrucous leukoplakia (PVL). In these cases early identification is key to protecting patients overall health. It is our hope that if you should see any of the following signs in your own mouth […]

Treating cold sores in the dental office

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With summer weather starting to heat up, those suffering from cold sores (herpatic lesions) around the lips may notice more outbreaks due to increased exposure to UV light. Did you know that at SoundBridge Center for Dental Arts, your cold sores can be treated with the use of a diode laser? Never to return again! […]

Athletic mouth guard

Smile Safety- The importance of a custom made athletic mouthguard

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While helmets, goggles and knee pads protect our bodies, it’s also important to protect our teeth. An athletic mouthguard is an easy, reliable way to safeguard our teeth during sports and play. Mouthguards are especially crucial during contact sports such as football, hockey or boxing, where blows to the body and face are regular occurrences. […]