Athletic MouthguardWhile helmets, goggles and knee pads protect our bodies, it’s also important to protect our teeth. An athletic mouthguard is an easy, reliable way to safeguard our teeth during sports and play.

Mouthguards are especially crucial during contact sports such as football, hockey or boxing, where blows to the body and face are regular occurrences. But even non-contact sports, such as gymnastics, and recreational pastimes, such as skating or biking, pose a risk to the teeth.

In addition to cushioning your teeth, using a mouthguard can prevent injury to the tongue, lips, face and jaw. Those who wear dental braces should be especially careful to protect their mouths during physical activity.

There are several varieties of athletic mouthguards to choose from including boil-and-bite guards from sporting goods stores and custom mouthguards that are fabricated by dentists.  At SoundBridge Center for Dental Arts, all that is needed is a simple impression to create a custom designed mouthguard made specifically for your mouth. These offer the best fit, comfort and protection.