As the full-time hygienist here at Soundbridge Center for Dental Arts, I get asked this question a lot. My answer is always an enthusiastic, “Yes! It does!” I recommend Johnson & Johnson waxed dental floss for the majority of patients. The floss has a nice diameter, avoids shredding and it’s slightly tacky which allows the floss to grab plaque and food debris, removing it from in between the teeth. Many patients like using Glide or dental tape because they find its easier to get between the teeth. The truth is that dental tapes don’t do an effective job at grabbing on to plaque and food debris. It tends to move these things to the side without actually removing them. Often times, I see more bleeding and burnished tarter in between the teeth with dental tape users. So, if you want that extra step you take to maintain your dental health to count, chose a waxed dental floss and stay away from the dental tape/Glide!