Teeth start to erupt at (approximately) the age of 6 months. As soon as these teeth come in, they need to be taken care of! You can use a small soft toothbrush or even a damp washcloth. Rub both gums and teeth, and just as we do, twice a day. A fluoridated toothpaste is OK, but only use a “rice-sized” amount.

Pay particular attention to what you are putting in your baby’s bottle at nap and bedtime. Use water if at all possible. Juices left on the teeth will lead to decay.  If you have any concerns with how things look, give us a call at SoundBridge and let Dr. Bloomquist take a look. (253) 857-4114.

Always be checking for erupting teeth, symmetry with which teeth are erupting, swellings/lumps/bumps or sore red areas.   We should be seeing your baby at around the age of 1 year. Bring them in for a ride in the chair or to sit in your lap during a portion of your appointment. We want all kids to feel comfortable in the dental office.

As your child grows and starts to understand what a “visit to the dentist” entails, be sure to use positive language and positive encouragement—REGARDLESS of how you, the parent, may feel toward your own dentistry.

Never mention: “shots” or “hurt” or “poke” or “pull”!

Think about saying things like: Dr Bloomquist is going to: “count your teeth”, “polish your teeth,” “tickle your teeth and gums so they are clean and sparkly”, “she may even put vitamins on your teeth so they stay strong” etc…

Your child will do great! If ever you have questions regarding your child’s general dental care, Call Dr. Bloomquist at SoundBridge Dental Arts: (253) 857-4114