I am excited to let my patients and colleagues know that this past spring I have officially enrolled in the graduate school at Creighton University in pursuit of my Master’s degree in Lifestyle Health and Wellness.

For those of you who wonder: Why?
I feel as though we spend a lot of time educating our patients on “whole health” and by this I mean we make every attempt to consider health beyond the oral cavity. It is important to us at SoundBridge that you understand examples such that diabetes affects your periodontal disease, that periodontal disease affects your cardiovascular health and that sleep apnea or obesity lead to a plethora of other chronic diseases.
Although we are not here to diagnose medical illnesses, we are certainly well versed in making correlations and educating you on the importance of lifestyle as it relates to your health and wellness. We want you to avoid aging with chronic disease and instead ask the questions and choose health!
I am eager to take this journey and promise to educate my patients with confidence and well-founded education from a great University such as Creighton.