Hello Patients, friends and Potential Patients,

I’m starting the New Year with continuing my education in a 5 month Dental Implant Series! I’m half way through this amazing course and by May of this year I am looking at having my Fellowship credentials. That only means that I’m committed to staying educated and up to date on everything related to dental implants. As of early 2008, I have  been offering the full range of implant services to include the bone grafting/ridge preservation and placement of the implants.  I have been restoring implants with crowns and over dentures since the inception of the practice in 2005.

Ridge/socket Preservation: In the simplest of terms, is placing graft material in an extraction site (on the day the tooth is removed) to prevent the resorption of bone in the area and save the width of the existing bone.

Bone Grafting and Block grafting: Usu more involved surgically, uses segments of the patients bone from a donor site to add width in the area needed before placement of the implant.—these surgeries are referred out to my Oral Surgeon or Periodontist colleagues.

Dental Implants are here to stay and are the most wonderful option for YOU if you are missing any teeth!