Here at Soundbridge Dental Arts, Dr. Bloomquist offers the latest technology in digital imaging.

We realize you get bombarded with doctors requesting Xrays for one reason or another. Most of us are concerned with our health, so we run across this dilemma frequently–whether it is having a mamogram or an xray of your knee.

Please remember that a complete diagnosis is important to us as practitioners, so declining radiographs may tie our hands and limit our ability to properly diagnose.

To ease the insecurities about radiation, we offer the newest technology in dental imaging. Digital xrays have up to 90% less radiation than traditional dental films. We have even updated our digital sensors since we first opened the office 5 years ago. This aids Dr. Bloomquist in diagnosing from the clearest image possible from Digital dental radiography! Ask to see your xrays. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!