Pits and fissures can create an area of high decay risk.  Because of their complex shape, even the most thorough hygiene practices are very often ineffective in these areas.  The bristles of toothbrushes cannot reach the bottom of pits and fissures.  Therefore, harmful bacteria can accumulate in these deeper areas and decay progresses.  Pit and fissure sealants allow Dr. Bloomquist to provide long term noninvasive decay protection by adding a flowable resin “sealer” to these inaccesable areas.   As a result, bacteria are deprived of their retention niches.  The smooth surfaces that are created in the process  have the added benefit of  facilitating cleaning. Sealants are most comonly placed on 6 year molars (First molars) and 12 year molars (second molars).

Dr. Bloomquist and the SoundBridge team will happily evaluate if you are a patient or have a child in need of sealants. Please call for your appointment today!