Silver Diamine Fluoride (or SDF) is a unique fluoride treatment used to kill decay causing organisms and arrest the decay process in cavities that would ordinarily require a small filling. SDF has been used for many years in Japan, Australia and Argentina as a means to fight dental decay. In fact, the value of silver ions to treat decay has been known for over a century. SDF also hardens soft enamel and dentin, making it more resistant to acid and abrasion. It also can be used in cases of dental hypersensitivity. All this and it’s easily painted on with no traditional local anesthetic or drilling!

SDF is intended for decay toward the back of the mouth as it will leave behind a dark brown/black stain associated with the cavity. It will not stain sound dentin or enamel. This dark “scar” can be concealed with the application of a tooth-colored material if desired.

Studies have shown increased decay prevention with a higher frequency of SDF application. Depending on your clinical findings, Dr. Bloomquist will make a determination of your application frequency. This can range from bi-annual application to five applications, two weeks apart followed by placement of a tooth-colored material two weeks later, if desired.