With summer weather starting to heat up, those suffering from cold sores (herpatic lesions) around the lips may notice more outbreaks due to increased exposure to UV light. Did you know that at SoundBridge Center for Dental Arts, your cold sores can be treated with the use of a diode laser? Never to return again!

The best time to treat a cold sore is when you first begin to feel that itching/burning sensation prior to eruption of the sore. During office hours, call us and we will happily fit you into our schedule for the day. It’s a short appointment about 15-20 minutes in length. After treatment you can return to your normal activities. When/if the cold sore erupts, it will be for a shorter duration than normal and less uncomfortable. The majority of patients report no lesions following just three treatments.

So remember next time you feel that burning or itching sensation, call SoundBridge and we can help you on your way to cold sore free lips!