Now that we have sparked your interest and have educated you on the risk of sleep apnea (see two previous blog entries,) you may be wondering what the steps are to being diagnosed.  The test that is used to determine if a patient has sleep apnea is a sleep study.  This test can be administered at home with a portable device, or in a laboratory setting.  It is best to have an initial workup by your primary care or sleep physician.  Once your initial workup is done, the physician will order your sleep study if it is indicated.  If you qualify for a home study, you will pick up the portable machine from a sleep facility.  If you need to go directly to a sleep lab, you will have an appointment made for your study.  A lab sleep study requires that you spend the night at the sleep lab.  After the study is complete, a sleep physician will interpret the results.  If needed, recommendations are then made as to how your sleep pathology should be managed.  You will have a follow-up visit with your primary care or sleep physician to discuss your options.

In the case that you are a  candidate for an oral appliance, we are glad to see you at SoundBridge Dental Sleep Therapy.  If you have questions,  would like to learn more about sleep apnea, or need a referral to sleep physicians in this area, Dr. Bloomquist and Dr. Iregui are happy to assist you.  Please call the office at 253-514-6076.

Pleasant Dreams!!