As a hygienist, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “What mouthrinse do you recommend?” Like anything, there are a few things to consider.

If you have a high decay rate, a fluoride mouthrinse such as ACT or a prescription strength fluoride paste will likely be the answer. Your hygienist will point you in the right direction. If a prescription strength paste is the answer, likely no mouthrinse will be recommended.

A non-alcohol variety is always recommended if you’d like to use a mouthrinse. I already hear the sighs from Listerine lovers… Fret not, Listerine Zero contains no alcohol and is very effective! Using a rinse containing alcohol can actually dry the mouth out over time and cause odor. 

Closys mouthrinse is an excellent choice and one that we carry in the office. Closys works by neutralizing the pH in the mouth thereby making it more difficult for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria need a more acidic environment. Closys comes unflavored so that you can adjust the amount of flavoring to your desire. It will not taste like a commercial mouthrinse nor have the burn of an alcohol rinse.